Al-Ahram weekly, 11. April 1996

Poetry of paradox

Schlomer has already 40 dance works to his credit (he describes them as 'choreographies'), and his latest creation, Highland or The Echo of the Stones (Hochland oder Der Nachhall der Steine), which he brought to Cairo is a work of real beauty which combines geometrical rigour with lyrical tenderness. [...]
Schlomer's creative mode is essentially poetic, not mimetic; he uses movement and the bodies of his dancers structure space into a series of evocative images and powerful metaphors that cannot be conceptualised in words. Rather than 'express', the movements 'evokes' and the audio-visual impact is tremendous. Through a carefully orchestrated series of paradoxes and contrasts, unfolding in a rich variety rhythms, including the rhythms of stillness and silence, the work projects symphony of moods, feelings and states of being - the rich landscapes of a sensitive mind in its complex, poetic response to life and death. [...] Highland may be a difficult and baffling piece, but it makes up for this in terms of beauty and imaginative impact.

Nehad Selaiha