Regie Joachim Schloemer Drehbuch Joachim Schloemer Kostüme Nicole von Graevenitz Licht Ulrich Schneider Kamera Olivier Spiro, Anais Spiro Ton August Semanzi, Emanuel Botteriaux Assistenz Laetitia Fernandez Besetzung Anna Tenta (Lousie), Markus Merz (Eugene), Ceri Williams (Martha)

Lisa (32) and Eugene (48), recently married, live in a remote castle. Lisa's life is soon restricted and regulated through a harsh regiment by Eugene. Lisa can't cope with the growing tension, trying to convince Eugene to leave the castle, gain freedom and start all over again. Eugene, mistrusting Lisa, imposes a test on her during one of his absences. During morning hours Lisa ignores all warnings. She can't resist entering the tower to open the secret door, just to see herself getting killed.

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