Director Joachim Schloemer Stage Design Joachim Schloemer & Sebastian Hannak Costume Design Joachim Schloemer & Sebastian Hannak Dramaturgy Maja Peter Light Design Joachim Schloemer Music For Bunita Marcus (Morton Feldman) Text Joachim Schloemer Dancers Graham Smith Cast Marianne Hamre Musicians Markus Hinterhäuser (p)

Guest Performances 11/2008 - Freiburg

Morton Feldman (1926-1987), together with John Cage, was one of the most important composers of New Music in the US. Joachim Schloemer talks of "butterfly music", not only being fascinated by the compositions, but also by the person Feldman. Contrary to his subtle works, the composer was big, heavy and extremely short-sighted. He had a humorous passion for music, art and existential questions like: what remains of us when body and language are gone? Do you have to turn the radio off to be a great artist? Is music an art form? Morton, Morton, Morton is an evening in three parts, with text, dance, music and silence. It has to be music that remains of us when our bodies are gone, the composer stated boldly.