Choreography Joachim Schloemer Stage Design Frank Leimbach Costume Design Frank Leimbach Dramaturgy Wiebke Hüster Light Design Alexander Gnadl Music Hans Tutschku & Michael von Hintzenstern Dancers Ellen Addario, Nadine Bagnoud, Natascha Hahn, Johannes Kasperczyk, Doris Lamatsch, Hans-Georg Lenhart, Olivia Maridjan-Koop, Grayson Millwood, Paula Moreira, Anke Ottema, Livia Patrizi, Fabio Pink, Maria Pires, Rosemary Porte, Manolo Risso o Ricci, Sónia Rocha, Joachim Schloemer, Rodolfo Seas-Araya, Graham Smith, Norbert Steinwarz, Martin Streicher

Guest Performances 03/1996 - Budapest, 04/1996 - Kairo, 03/1997 - Theater Basel (WA), 04/1998 - Bregenzer Frühling, 05/1998 - STEPS Dance Festival, 01/2001 - Hebbel-Theater

Highland or The Reverberation of Stones is the first collaboration between two prominent German music experts, Michael von Hinzenstern and Hans Tutschku and the rising star - choreographer - Joachim Schloemer.
It seems a single expertise is not enough to produce a marvelous dance theatre. It is a natural way besides high professionalism that a deep meaningful choreography has to be synchronically matched with music and highskill in stage and lighting management. During the performance however, the dancers absorbing all combined aspiration thru their improvisations, have to prove the successful achievement of the goals set. This time the picturesque Scottish highlands, had inspired Schloemer and Frank Leimbach to make this choreography. It brings together three distinct levels: Courtly baroque - music of different provenance, folklore and sound-scapes from nature and civilization.
Joachim Schloemer is a choreographer who constantly develops new images in his mind (Michael von Hintzenstern).
In his masterpiece, Schloemer is probably willing to tell the audience -the society that a wrong approach toward 'civilization' might exile them entirely from the nature. Due to effect of lighting, the stage has been transformed as a highland where a cloud is hanging. Started with the solo appearance of a tall women with short hair, slowly all the 15 dancers are joining with appropriate beautiful movements. It was illustrating a simple utopia of life by exposing fresh unusual movements. The 75 minutes performance was wonderful and successful. At the end, the spectators applauded warmly and longly to respect the choreographer and his dancers.
(Suryo S. Negoro)