Director Joachim Schloemer Cast Robin Johannsen (Konstanze), Lini Gong (Blonde), Johannes Chum (Pedrillo)

Joachim Schloemer's staging of "The Abduction from the Seraglio" has its conceptual emphasis in the phenomena of Abduction. What happens with people in such an exceptional situation? Is a 'normal' life at all imaginable after an overcome Abduction? From this perspective Joachim Schloemer sets the protagonists under the supervision of Bassa Selim, who submits them to different abduction-situations.

The acting characters experience a dramatic-sensuous change and yet the original story of Mozart's Singspiel remains conserved.

In this production, the experiment of Abduction also takes place on the level of the music; not only are individual arias, as a way of experiment, exchanged with each other, they are also, connected, extended and interrupted by the musicians. This way, Mozart's music is gradually abducted from itself, as even though an abduction follows a certain pattern, at the same time it represents a highly individual and exceptional situation. A break with the character of Mozart's work is motivated by free improvisations that are always indebted to the individual abduction-situations during the evening.

Together with the percussionist Murat Coskun the Freiburger Barockorchester forms a bridge between Mozart's Singspiel and the emotional experience of an abduction with free musical improvisations.