Director Joachim Schloemer Choreography Joachim Schloemer Stage Design Joachim Schloemer & Kasey Wicker Light Design David Finn Music STIFF DEAD CAT feat. David Lux & Wylie Woods Video Dan Hubp Concept David Finn & Joachim Schloemer Text Harmon Leon Dancers Atossa Babaoff (Alice), Alice Gartenschläger (Cindy), Vincent Crowley (Vincent)

cindy & alice is a full-length original dance-theater work set to American blue-grass music and employing dark and mysterious visual motifs. The work for three characters is rooted in the dark, yet spectacular, classic fairy tales ­ Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland ­ but will be re-constructed through a rehearsal process of improvisation, intuition and experimentation. Characters reveal their identity and their story through confession, reflection on both happy and painful childhood memory, and documented journeys into the surreal and magical trappings of the two fairy tales.
cindy & alice will take place in a non-traditional venue in San Francisco (exact location TBD ­ see below) and will capitalize upon this realistic environment. The stage is a laboratory of sound and image. Scenic elements are real and simplistic. Props are home-made, as if by a child creating tools for the stories of their imagination.

The fischhouse looks to introduce this unique performance style to a vast spectrum of audience (approx. 2000 total) - to artistically challenge - yet to entertain ­ with the presentation of a dark and modern-day story set to the framework of well-known folklore and popular music.

A fischhouse production