Newsletter 11/2011

After a long, long time and after the relaunch of my website, that has been fantastically redesigned by Christopher Martin, finally some news. Much has happened and much will happen. Let’s start with the next project.

If you take a look at the schedule on my website, you will see, that I’m going to Freiburg for a couple of weeks to direct Elfriede Jelinek’s Winterreise on the big stage of the Theater Freiburg. It will premiere on 4 February 2012.

Das Festspielhaus
Sometimes I forget to call attention to the great program we have at the Festspielhaus St. Pölten. At the moment we have a 5 day piano festival with artists like Isabelle Ettenauer (toy piano) and Otto Lechner (Accordion) or Helene Grimaud and Clemens Hagen as duo. Of course the regular program goes on as well. Take a look at our website, to get information on all the performances. If you are around, it’s well worth the visit!
After Winterreise I will prepare for the new season of the Festspielhaus. We just did a fantastic photo shoot with citizens from St. Pölten in the surrounding areas. The photos will be published in April at the next press conference and of course also on the website.
Nevertheless - as you might have heard - I will not renew my work as artistic director after the season 2012/13. I want to devote myself to other artistic tasks, especially my work as a director.

In May the rehearsals for a staged concert under the new title Nostalgia will begin. It will feature arias, fragments and choir works by Mozart. There will be only 2 performances on the 1st and 2nd of June 2012.

I am preparing three productions, which will premiere in September, October and January. Rehearsals will start right after the performances of Nostalgia. Since these productions are all in the next season, I cannot five titles or names, but I’ll reveal this much: There will be a few big surprises!

Yours sincerely
Joachim Schloemer